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Alice's CBD Story

Hi, my name Alice and I’d like to kick off “inspiring stories” with a tale of my own. In the past few years of my life, I found my mild anxiety had developed into something I needed help for. For various reasons I feel, perhaps partly genetic and some childhood issues but also toxic situations I surrounded myself in and unfortunate circumstances. After a while, a friend recommended I seek out medication to sort me out. I would struggle to get out of bed, break down in tears at random moments and even suffer dreaded panic attacks, hands sweating and vomiting. Now I’m not here to slag off prescription anti-anxiety/ depression meds... because after all, they do work in a way and the drugs I was prescribed helped numb a lot of negative thoughts and physical effects.
However this came with a price, and the numbing of negative feelings was coupled with the numbing of all feelings and I realised that although on the surface I appeared to be coping with life a lot better, I was no longer truly living life to the full. Earlier this year a couple of things happened in my personal life that increased my anxiety and stress levels considerably. I had been trying to wean off my addictive prescription medication, doing pretty well considering their withdrawal side effects before being betrayed by three separate people close to my heart. This betrayal and heartbreak couples with my current withdrawal sent me into a downward spiral I felt I could not get out of. I returned onto the medication and crashed nearly a stone weight in the weeks-month that followed. Fast forward a little while and I discovered CBD and through a series of events, I found Rob, the founder of Inspired life CBD. My first impression of the oil was.. wow this stuff doesn’t taste like crap?! (Like another couple of brands I had tried...) And then I noticed how much more effective it was too: (I will go into this is scientifically another time as this is meant to be a personal story post over promotion.) The best thing I feel about CBD though is the control it gives back to me. I don’t take it every day, it is not addictive and I’m in a much better place in my life right now. I take a few drops under the tongue on occasions where I’m struggling/ need to take the edge off my anxiety.
You're not in a contract with CBD. You don’t have to take it for 6 weeks before the side effects start to dim. - In fact there are no side effects at all. I don’t really feel like there is a particular feeling of being “on” CBD. More the absence of that anxiety... the absence of that pain. Surrounding myself in much healthier environments and with honest people who truly love and care for me takes a massive role. But at the same time, I can’t downplay the part CBD has played in helping me control my anxiety and the positive impact it has had on my life as well as a persisting stomach issue and reducing pain. I work fulltime but my real passion is photography, I now work parttime as a freelance photographer and sell my photography in the Inspired Life CBD shop too!. Come down to the first floor of Afflecks palace to check them out!

Alice xx