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CBD for Study and Work Related Stress

  • 4 min read

CBD for Study and Work Related Stress | Inspired Life CBD

The art of remaining focused while in a constant ritual of waking unnaturally and staying awake into the early hours can spiral into a harmful routine. 


The lack of a sound sleep and time spent within looping anxious thoughts can affect how we function throughout our day and when work deadlines or studying assignments are running in parallel, it’s important that we focus on our health.  

Our bodies and minds need to be in a balanced state in order for us to proceed with what life throws at us. By taking a little time each day to ground, center and relax, we can guarantee productivity within our work streams.

Simple natural healing techniques have proven to be effective in centering and easing anxious thought patterns. How many times have you breathed deeply through a difficult situation and found a calmer equilibrium?

There are many free and easy methods of calming the body and mind and they include basic stretching, yoga, hydration, detoxing, fasting and dietary changes. 

Another way to support the body’s regulatory systems is by using Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD. 

The UK CBD revolution has boomed since legislation in the country altered and only now that we have the freedom to do so, we are slowly discovering the benefits of the hemp plant.

Hemp has been used for hundreds of years for balancing our well being. Hemp contains a compound that works well with the biological receptors in our bodies that are responsible for how we feel. 

Hemp can be used as a booster for essential omegas as well as natural mood enhancing and general focus. 

Let’s take a look at all of the ways Hemp and the CBD within the plant can help us focus on work and study..

Altering a Negative Mindset

The results of aprofessional clinical study on Cannabidiol (CBD)have suggested that the hemp plant and its CBD content plays a therapeutic role in an array of mental disorders. 

The effects that CBD has on our well being have been studied like this for years, often with positive results that suggest CBD is calming and mood altering in a positive way. 

As we relax more and silence our fears and doubts, we are immediately able to focus on our work ahead with confidence.

With stronger confidence and a clearer mind, a portal opens that allows the natural flow of creativity and productivity. 

Eliminating Distraction 

CBD has been proven to have relaxing benefits and once we are in a state of calm, we are able to proceed with the tasks ahead. 

Distracting habit loops tend to disappear when we are in a blissful mindset and CBD is also said to be beneficial to physical distraction such as spasms, OCD related motions and general mind wandering.

Having a dose of CBD Oilor potent CBD pastes allows you to sink into a task without thought about anything else. 

Alertness and Awareness

When working on a deadline or an assignment as a worker or a student, a lot of us turn to caffeine or sugary treats to boost energy to deal with the project ahead. 
Unfortunately, caffeine and sugar are known disturbers of the body and mind’s basic functions.

Caffeine can boost our energy temporarily but shortly after the high, we are left with tremors and confusion as the body seeks the high again. 

We can look at CBD oil as the calming waters on our body’s inner fires, helping to steer our ideas and focusing on the project in manageable pieces rather than entering the task with 'guns blazing'. 

Stillness and calm always allows us to work to our full abilities. CBD tea is a perfect soothing way to experience the alertness that the hemp plant gives to us. 

Ways to use CBD while studying or working

CBD is a  legal supplement in the UK and there are many vendors selling it in many forms. There are fun ways to ingest CBD including:


Various CBD Vape kits are available, including those by Inspired Life CBD.

There are a variety of different flavours, try them all while you’re working on an assignment at home or  outside in nature.

We’ve had many students and workers compliment the experience which helped them to focus and remain calm throughout intense exam study or work projects. 


Herbal teas containing CBD are a wonderful way to wind  down and tackle that work project.

We stock CBD Teas with UK-wide deliverythat are made with other medicinal herbs, fruits and roots such as lemon and ginger, turmeric and chai and nettle and peppermint. 

CBD Chewing Gum

Sometimes the mastication of chewing gum helps us release a little built up tension and this is a foolproof way to ingest CBD while anywhere in the world.

We stock CBD Chewing Gumwhich contains 12mg of the Cannabidol in every piece. Take this to university or work and feel the calming effects after only a few minutes. 

CBD Paste and Oil

For those looking to fully experience the medicinal effects of CBD, we recommend the CBD Oil or CBD Paste. Putting a small amount under the tongue for around 1 minute can really alter a stressed mindset stuck in thought loops.

Let the CBD enter the bloodstream while it helps to simmer down exam stress and anxiety as well as backed up diaries and workloads. 

Here at Inspired Life CBD, our customers are our priority and we are proud advocates of the CBD revolution in the UK.

We have information on CBD Dosage and our door is open to any queries you may have. 

Please contact us for further advice on CBD and product recommendations and together, we can live a life inspired. 

Inspired Life CBD are a fully licensed, completely legal CBD store for all your CBD UKneeds. We are the number one source for CBD Oil in Manchester and we have a store in the famous Afflecks Palace shopping mall in the city centre. 

Pop by for a visit or order online for UK-Wide Delivery. 


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