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Five Fun Ways To Ingest CBD

  • 6 min read

Five Fun Ways To Ingest CBD | Inspired Life CBD

CBD is becoming one of the most popular and natural ways to help with many common health issues, including pain, anxiety, stress and sleep disorders. 

The medicinal hemp plant is legal in the UK and the compound within it is known as cannabidiol or otherwise known on the health market as CBD.

cbd hemp oil uk legal

CBD can be consumed in many different ways from a drop of oil under the tongue to tinctures, teas and capsules.

Sometimes the earthy taste of CBD isn't ideal for sensitive taste buds, some prefer to not taste the CBD at all. 

Lucky, here at Inspired Life CBD, we have heeded customer feedback and here's a list of all of the fun ways to ingest CBD. 

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles bring a fun and exciting way to ingest this healing medicine and there are many delicious treats to choose from, including yummy chocolates, chewy gummies, soothing honey sticks, lip-smacking chewing gum, relaxing tea or scrumptious cookies and cakes.

CBD Chocolate

Sweet tooth or not, most people like a chocolate treat every once in a while. CBD Chocolate makes a divine dessert alternative after a meal or while on the go.

best vegan cbd chocolate cbd edibles uk

Not only does it satisfy sweet cravings but it also provides incredible health benefits. 

CBD chocolate is a great option for first-timers because it doesn’t carry an association of something more conventionally medicinal, like a capsule, making it less like a 'chore' and more like a tasty treat part of every day life.

There are many different types of CBD chocolate, each product varying in CBD strength. 

Choose from products that range from milk chocolate, hemp based chocolate, and right through to a CBD vegan dark chocolate bar.

No matter which chocolate you try, cravings and self care will be satisfied.


Take your senses back in time and unleash your inner child. Gummies tasted great back in the day but why does it have to end in our childhood?

best cbd gummies online uk

Bring a little fun back into your life and try CBD gummies.

A great option for those who fancy a fruity fix with the added health benefits of CBD. 

CBD gummies are good for those who don’t quite enjoy the taste of hemp. The fun flavours of the gummies makes them easier on the palette than something like the potent oil, for example. 

The  CBD gummies come in different strengths and ingesting CBD this way is convenient for those who want more control over their dose. 

We even stock Vegan CBD gummies which are much more difficult to find as opposed to their gelatin containing counterparts.

Honey Sticks

Honey is said to have many health benefits including being rich in antioxidants,  improving cholesterol levels, lower triglycerides and is said to be a healthier alternative to sugar. 

CBD honey sticks stocked in UK

A CBD organic honey stickis a double booster for health as it gives benefits of CBD and honey all at once.

It’s a perfect alternative to sugar in coffee or tea or use it as a spread on toast or crumpets.

The CBD infused honey stick can also be eaten on its own as a healthy sweet fix. 

Chewing Gum

Enjoy a minty fresh boost infused with CBD while chewing a piece. Enjoy the benefits of CBD as one of the funnest and easiest ways to ingest CBD. 

CBD Chewing Gumgives a burst of refreshment and a hit of relaxation all at once.

This is a great option for any time of day, especially in the morning to refresh the mouth after a coffee.

Gum is a great discrete way to ingest the goodness of CBD no matter where you are.


A CBD tea is a perfect option for those who like to relax with a hot beverage. The CBD herbal teas also contain other medicinal herbs and fruits such as turmeric and ginger, green tea or Elberyberry, Hibiscus and Rosehip.

best cbd teas uk wide delivery

The CBD teas that are available with UK-wide delivery provide the relaxing, calming effects of CBD plus the benefits of the herb of choice. 

Turmeric and ginger is a perfect anti-inflammatory whereas something like Lavender or Chamomile will offer extra calming properties to the mind, body and soul.

Cookies and Cakes

If you’re feeling peckish and have a taste for baked sweet treats, we'd suggest going for a CBD cookie or cake.

best cbd cookies and cakes uk

These mouth watering treats can be the perfect partner to a CBD tea.

Hemp cookies and cakesare a must to have stocked in your kitchen cupboard so they are at hand for pain relief or to help ease anxiety.

Oils, Tinctures, Sprays and Pastes

Most CBD oils, tinctures and pastes are consumed orally and each format of potent hemp compound has a different flavour.

CBD oil and hemp usually has a nutty taste and our CBD tinctures come in different flavours such as mint, chocolate or vanilla. This is to allow the CBD compound to pass into the bloodstream without the potent kick.

best cbd oil uk manchester cbd paste tinctures and topicals

Consuming CBD in oil, spray or paste form is a fast and convenient way for the body to absorb the nutrients. It's also the strongest way to ingest and is most ideal for pain and anxiety management. 

The main difference between CBD oil and a CBD tincture is that the oil is usually made as an oil carrier/base and the tincture has an alcohol base.

CBD hemp oil provides all the benefits of the plant without the psychoactive effects. Hemp is a cousin of the marijuana plant and is often mistaken for it. The difference between CBD oil and cannabis is the content of the psychoactive compound, THC.

Our CBD oils contain minute traces of THC and are completely legal in the UK. 

Tinctures usually contain a lower potency of CBD so would be a good option for first-timers.

CBD Vaping

Vape pens have become more popular over recent years and vape cartridges are available in a variety of flavours.

CBD E-liquidsare infused with CBD rather than nicotine which is the basis of tobacco smoking.

CBD Vape kits and all refillable liquids can be purchased at Inspired Life CBD.

best ways to ingest cbd, vape kits vape liquid uk

CBD infused E-liquid flavours include strawberry kiwi, strawberry milk, rainbow, blue raspberry and wild watermelon. 

CBD Vape Pens and Vape Kitsare also available to purchase online or in store at the heart of Manchester City Centre. 


Taking a CBD capsule each morning is a convenient way to introduce CBD into your life as it’s just like taking a mutli-vitamin or a dietary supplement.

Our CBD capsules come in different strengths of CBD and different sized bottles. 

Best CBD capsules uk different strengths

You may opt for the capsule because it’s more convenient, quick, easy and discrete and the have no taste at all. 

Better still, all of our capsules use vegetable based enclosures and are all listed as vegan. 


We’ve spoken about all of the fun ways to ingest CBD orally, now we’re going to tell you about other fun ways to get the benefits of CBD. 

best cbd skincare uk delivery in store manchester

Using a CBD Skin Moisturiser or cosmetics that are deeply infused with potent CBD is also an option for those who prefer alternatives to taking CBD orally.

Massage Oils

How about treating yourself to a Massage Oil infused with CBD?

This is great way to relieve aches and pains of conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia due to the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.

The natural compounds of the hemp plant have been studied for pain  management over and over again with positive results. 


CBD body scrubs, CBD balms and CBD creams are a great way to incorporate the healing benefits of CBD into our self care regimes. 

Swapping existing skin care products with CBD infused alternatives is a great start to a newer you.


CBD promotes healthy skin cells, inside and out. Studies have shown that the compound of CBD stops dry skin from cracking and there are incredible soothing qualities for our skin.

Some examples of CBD cosmetics that we stock include body scrubs, hair masks, foot creams and nourishing face masks.

Bath Bombs

End a stressful day or start the day as you mean to go on with a relaxing bath nourished by a CBD bath bomb.

cbd bath bombs uk wide delivery

Baths that are bubbled up with natural healing products, such as hemp oils, offer the optimal calming and self caring experience.


There are many fun ways to ingest CBD, from edibles, capsules, oils and tinctures to skincare products.

Dare to try something new and find what works best for you.

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