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'Maskne' 30 Day Trail of CBD Anti-Ance Balm

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'Maskne' 30 Day Trail of CBD Anti-Ance Balm

  • 1 min read

'Maskne' 30 Day Trail of CBD Anti-Ance Balm | Inspired Life CBD

Have you struggled with the dreaded “maskne” over the past 2 years?

I’ve never had the smoothest of skin but the spots around my mouth and chin have been a real issue recently.

This meant I jumped at the chance of doing a month trial of Cannaline anti acne balm for Inspired Life CBD.

I’ve had a particularly bad breakout recently and been really lazy with doing anything about it so now was the perfect time to start.

The first thing I noticed was the swish little cauldron shaped pot and the minimal gold font.. As an ex graphic design student this sort of thing appeals to me. I opened the pot to a fresh aroma with a hint of witch hazel and I quickly learnt a little goes a long way.

Week 1:

Where I started. Only washing my face with water in the shower and no other products. I probably wear makeup about once or twice a week, for a reference.

Week 2:

A slight improvement here and there I can notice, as well as being less sore.

Week 3:

The biggest difference! I’m so pleased with the comparison to last week.

Week 4:

Not as big of a jump as the week before but I’m happy with the overall results of the trial.

I’d highly recommend 😊

Written by Alice Scoggin'z

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