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CBD Chewing gum

Fresh Mint Hemp Strips are a discreet and easy way to take CBD. Flavoured with fresh mint flavours for a smoother and tastier experience they’re perfect for on the go to take in your bag whenever you may need a mint and CBD fix. CBD chewing gum has joined the long list of CBD edibles and is growing in popularity as a way to take CBD.

Hemp chewing gum comes in a range of different options when it comes to strength. This means that you can control the dose you’d like easily. With Hemp Strips you’ll simply need to place it under your tongue and allow it to dissolve as you would with taking oil.

These sublingual sweets are great for people who are searching for a convenient way to get their dose of CBD when needed. By choosing to take CBD this way you are allowing the properties needed to treat inflammatory pain and reduce anxiety to travel into your bloodstream quickly. We love CBD Chewing gum as dosing is already pre measured and the assortment of flavours taste great too. Why not grab a pack for on-the-go CBD today?

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