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CBD FLOWER - TREE TEA - 3.5grams

What is herbal hemp tea?

Hemp is a subset of Cannabis sativa, which is primarily used for industrial purposes ranging from paper to textiles to biofuels.

Cannabis, a genus of flowering plants known primarily for their recreational use – namely the psychoactive effects. However, Cannabis itself is just a broad classification, much like how the genus Rosa covers over 300 different species of rose. In the case of cannabis, there are two primary species: Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis indica.

How to make Hemp Tea?

Enjoy a deliciously balanced cup every time. Knowing how to make loose leaf tea is simple. All you need is a tea infuser, good quality water, and your choice of loose leaf tea, to ensure a full-flavoured, perfectly balanced cup every time.



An intensely fragrant, natural herbal tea, with a persistent, tropical finish. Real pieces of pineapple with wholesome aroma. It creates a deliciously sweet and thick, yellow infusion that feels syrupy in the mouth.

CBD 4.3% - CBC 0.24% - CBG  0.21% - THC 0.17%



A stunning fruit and floral tea, the subtle perfume of whole rosebuds is imbued with the tart fragrance of real raspberry pieces and the ripe, fruity aroma of fragaria. This soft pink infusion feels jammy on the palate and is complemented by the gently sour character of rosehip shells, delivering complexity and an elegant, delicately floral finish.

CBD 2.6% - CBC 0.17% - CBG  0.09% - THC 0.19%


CBD 3.62% - CBC 0.26% - CBG  0.09% - THC 0.13%


CBD 2.83% - CBC 0.01% - CBG  0.01% - THC 0.14%


CBD 3.76% - CBC 0.19% - CBG  0.07% - THC 0.19%


CBD 4.27% - CBC 0.25% - CBG  0.19% - THC 0.16%


CBD 3.06% - CBC 0.18% - CBG  0.08% - THC 0.12%

Orange (CBG)

CBD 0.15% - CBC 0.09% - CBG  6.53% - THC 0.12%


CBD 3.7% - CBC 0.20% - CBG  0.09% - THC 0.15%