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CBD Vape Pens

As well as stocking a range of CBD Vapes, you’ll find a range of CBD Vape pens in our store too. Vaping has quickly become one of the most popular ways to take CBD. Like that of other vaping liquids, Cannabidiol Vapes are free of nicotine and easy to use.

CBD oil vaporises at approximately 200℃ making it perfect for use with an e-cig. Our range of portable CBDTerpenes vapespens are perfect for carrying around on the go and are available in a range of designs. Our singleuse cbd vape pens are great for those that want to try out vaping CBD as they’re affordable and come ready-filled.

Some disposable CBD vape pens utilise terpenes to alter the taste of the product for a more pleasurable experience. If you’re looking for a milder flavour, there are a range of options available across our range of CBD Vape pens including mango and blackcurrant. Whether you’re entirely new to taking CBD or want to make the switch to vaping, our products are designed to help. Offering great value for money, disposable CBD vape pens are a great way to try out CBD e-liquids and are ready to get going with right away.

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