CBD Bathbombs

Having a wellbeing schedule can do wonders for our health and something as simple as setting aside time for a bath during the week can help. Bath bombs are the perfect addition to ramp up the relaxation that bathing provides. Whether you’re a bath addict or simply like to fill the tub and enjoy a good soak once in a while, CBD bath bombs can really create a whole new experience.

Inspired Life CBD stocks both 50mg CBD Bathbombs and 100MG CBD Bathbombs giving you different options. Our Hippie Turtle products come with its own little pouch and contain 100MG of full spectrum CBD alongside a calming lavender and chamomile scent. Simply drop into a warm bath and enjoy the fizz followed by ultimate relaxation thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties found in CBD and Lavender.

Introducing CBD skincare products and cosmetics into your lifestyle can have plenty of great benefits. CBD has been found to improve psoriasis and calm skin problems such as mild acne. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has a wide range of topical uses making it worth adding into your skincare routines too. Why not give a CBD bathbomb a whizz and enjoy the beneficial properties right from your home?