CBD Lollipops

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and you’re looking for CBD edibles, we’ve got you covered with our CBD lollipops. As one of the many products we stock in our CBD Sweets range, you can get your needed dose of cannabidiol with one of these pocket-sized treats. Hemp oil lollipops come in lots of different varieties, CBD bubblegum lollipops to regular lollipops – you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to tasty flavours.

Sucking on a lollipop may not be the regular way to take CBD, however, it’s actually incredibly effective. When taking CBD, bioavailability is important for how much enters your system. Since CBD is most commonly taken orally and lollipops spend a lot of time in our mouths, this means that the CBD ingredients can be absorbed quickly via the blood capillaries present.

In comparison to other edibles, lollipops can actually increase bioavailability of CBD leading to better results. You’ll get both the quicker and longer term benefits of CBD when choosing to consume CBD Lollipops and while other CBD Sweets may taste equally as good, lollies are discrete and easy to take. Take a look through our delicious range of Hemp oil lollipops and find the perfect sweet snack for your CBD needs!








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