CBD Oil & Sprays

If you’re seeking high-quality CBD Oil, our range of CBD Tinctures are suitable for you. Made using high strains of hemp, all of our products are ideal for those wanting a natural solution to the relief of pain and anxiety. Our full-spectrum Hemp Oils are taken orally by dropping the oil under the tongue.

Hemp Oil tinctures also come in a spray version which is too taken directly in the mouth. All of the products stocked are 100% natural, meaning you won’t experience any unpleasant taste. Available in a range of strengths, Full spectrum CBD Oil doses can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

We also stock Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil which is advisable for users that don’t want THC in their system. Broad Spectrum CBD Oils are taken in the same way as Full spectrum Hemp Oil, making it easy to choose the correct option for your needs.

All of our Cannabidiol drops are sourced organically and come in a range of different sizes depending on your budget. Whether you choose CBD Drops or, a sprayable product, there are plenty of benefits to reap from this all-natural product. Hemp Oil Drops make a fantastic alternative to over the counter medicines for mild to moderate pain relief.








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