CBD Coffee & Tea

Our range of CBD Coffee & Teas are great for those that are new to CBD. The tea itself contains cannabidiol extract through infusion, unlike taking oil directly, many users prefer Hemp Tea Bags for their tastes. You’ll find a range of CBD Tea bags in our store, of various strengths and sizes to help you choose the best product to suit your needs.

Drinking Hemp Tea is sure to relax you and help you to unwind, add to this the other health benefits that CBD provides including pain relief and you have a cup of goodness in your hands. For any green tea lover, our alternative green teas containing Phytocannabinoids are worth introducing into your daily drinking habits. Helping to revitalise and reinvigorate, the combination of antioxidants found in green tea paired with CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties have powerful effects on the body. All of the teas that we stock are completely organic and come as both tea bags and CBD loose tea options.

Available in a range of different flavours including the humble English breakfast and Tumeric & Ginger, Hemp Teas are great caffeine-free drinks that offer a great way to take CBD. Most teas should be steeped for 5-7 minutes to fully express cannabinoids and the full flavours found in the tea’s natural ingredients. Time to put the kettle on…



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