Cannaline – CBD Tea x20

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Introducing Cannaline CBD Tea – the perfect blend of natural herbs and hemp extracts to help you maintain a healthy body and mind. Our range of four unique flavors – Immunity, Memory, Relax, and Detox – is designed to cater to your specific needs and provide a refreshing and relaxing experience with every sip.


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Boost your immune system with our Immunity blend, which features Echinacea, nettle, rosehip, and mint to support your body’s natural defenses and contribute to the normal function of the respiratory system. Ginkgo supports the microcirculation of the blood system, normal brain activity, and mental balance. Sea buckthorn provides energy and a much-needed boost to your immune system, while hemp extracts help you relax and unwind.

For those looking to enhance their cognitive function and memory, our Memory blend features Ginkgo, green tea, and rosemary, which positively affect the microcirculation of the blood system and support cognitive function and normal brain activity. Vervain and ginkgo act as antioxidants, while heather supports normal urinary tract function. Oregano promotes digestion, and hemp extracts help you relax and focus.

Unwind after a long day with our Relax blend, featuring lemon balm, chamomile, and lavender to help maintain a positive mood, promote relaxation, and improve sleep quality. Mint facilitates smoother digestion, while heather and rosehip support normal urinary tract and kidney function. And of course, hemp extracts provide a relaxing and calming effect.

For a refreshing and revitalizing experience, try our Detox blend, which features heather and knotweed to support normal urinary tract function, turmeric to support normal liver function, and bidens to promote good skin health. Mint and turmeric promote digestion, while rosehip supports kidney and bladder function. And as always, hemp extracts help you relax and unwind.

All of our CBD tea blends are made with natural herbs and hemp extracts, ensuring that you get the best possible experience with every sip. Each box contains 20 tea bags, making it easy to enjoy our delicious and refreshing blends anywhere, anytime. So, try Cannaline CBD Tea today and discover a new way to relax, refresh, and revitalize your body and mind.

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Cannaline - CBD Tea x20




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