CBD Leaf – 1000mg CBD Vape – 50ml

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Amsterdam Space Cake

Nutty, rich chocolate space cake freshly baked from the oven, drizzled with Amsterdam’s finest cannabutter.

Applelistic Bud

Sexy, seductive red apples from the garden of Eden. This magical forbidden fruit is juicy and stimulates the senses. Once bitten, never shy. A tantalising potion from the heavens.

Blue Ice

Wind down with this lush combination of blueberry and mint, delivering the ultimate fruity vape with a cool and refreshing kick to the throat.

Bubblegum Nurdz

Sweet mouthwatering blueberry bubblegum nuggets mixed with delicious chewy candy notes. “An amazing taste”

Frozen Blackcurrant & Lychee

Experience a powerful burst of energy with a refreshing rich natural blackcurrants smashed into juicy tropical lychees.

Ganja Green Slushie

Cool down and chill out with our thirst-quenching sumptuous combination of green goodness over endless slushy ice!

Giggly Grapes

Sweet ripe purple grapes hand picked from the vines of Italy. Caution: Contents may cause happiness.

Girl Scout Cookies

There’s a new scout in town! Delivering some crispy cookies with a creamy and delicious rich peng, chocolate coating.

Heisen Hashberg

A juicy fruity inhale with a cool menthol lasting aftertaste giving a super refreshing flavoured vape. Blended perfectly to make you smile.

Ice Menthol Madness

Cool, clean and crisp. A fresh polar ice hit of cold menthol that makes you think you’ve swallowed an iceberg.

OG Lemon & Lime Mint Kush

A zesty, citrusy lemon and lime, og bud mixed with mint leaves and the world’s most skunky earthy Afghan kush.

OG Lemon Kush

A zesty, citrusy lemon og bud mixed with the world’s most skunky, earthy Afghan kush. This flavour certainly lives up to its reputation.

Orange Honey Blaze

Sticky glazed honey poured over freshly sliced blood juicy oranges. Like all good melodies, the sweetness and sharpness play beautifully off one another.

Pink Fizz Lemonade

A classic fizzy taste of home-made lemonade sweetened to perfection. Tangy on the tongue gives way to a smooth citrus exhale.

Rainbow Skittz

Rainbow chewy candies from the land of crazy unicorns. This fruity explosion will pop your tastebuds with extreme joy.

Raspberry Gummies

An irresistable troupe of gummy bears in tutus crushed in juicy raspberries dancing on your tongue. Refreshing and mind blowing.

Sticky Icky Strawberry

Capture that summery warm feeling with these sweet, succulent, red sticky strawberries full of juiciness and positivity.

Strange Fruit Candies

A unique blend of sweet and tangy candies sprinkled with the finest juicy berries and a pinch of brown sugar. Let your fantasies run wild with this total fruit madness.

Tutti Fruiti Kush

Sweet & sour candy kush-coated raindrops freshly sprinkled with fruits from fairies. One of a kind mouthwatering and invigorating for that totally tropical taste.

Vimto Haze

Freshly squeezed fruit juices, hand picked and bursting with a heavenly haze twist of summer.

Watermelon Splash

Indulge yourself in this refreshing taste of the finest red juicy watermelon splashed in terpene infused waters from the Caribbean. “Yeah man…this will have you buzzin”

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CBD Leaf - 1000mg CBD Vape - 50ml

£10.00 £39.99



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