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Product Information:

Choose between our 8 terpene profiles to suit every desired effect ranging from Sativa dominant to Indica dominant. πŸŒΏπŸ”€

Vaping is an excellent way to take CBD because it is the fastest known way to get CBD into your system- entering your bloodstream directly through the lungs. πŸ’¨πŸ’Ό

These CBD Cartridges are the perfect fit for any 510 Vape Batteries. πŸ’ΌπŸ”‹

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Terpenes, MCT 🌿πŸ§ͺ

Please note:

  • The cartridges are not designed to be refilled. πŸš«πŸ”„

Terpene Profiles:

Super Lemon Haze – Sativa Dominant (80/20) πŸ‹πŸš€

  • Flavor: Strong rich citrus flavors with fruity, earthy, and floral tones 🍊🌼
  • Effects: Energizing, happy, and active; perfect for daytime use πŸ˜„πŸŒž

Pineapple Express – Sativa Dominant (60/40) πŸπŸš‚

  • Flavor: Mixture of citrus overtones and hints of Pineapple 🍍🍊
  • Effects: Uplifted, euphoric, energetic, and soothing; best consumed during the day 😌🌞

Blue Dream – Sativa Dominant (60/40) πŸ’™πŸ’­

  • Flavor: Heavy floral & fruity tones with herbal and citrus hints πŸŒΈπŸ‡
  • Effects: Uplifting burst, perfect for use throughout the day πŸš€πŸŒΌ

Tangerine Dream – Complete Hybrid (50/50) 🍊🌌

  • Flavor: Bold sweet, citrus flavors with prominent herbal tones 🍭🌿
  • Effects: Mellow, uplifted, and relaxed; ideal for daytime and early evening use πŸ˜ŒπŸŒ…

Raspberry Cookies – Indica Dominant (60/40) πŸ‡πŸͺ

  • Flavor: Delicious berry notes πŸ‡πŸ€€
  • Effects: Calm and relaxed; great for evening use πŸ˜΄πŸŒ™

Banana Kush – Indica Dominant (60/40) 🍌🌿

  • Flavor: Extremely heavy Banana tones πŸŒπŸƒ
  • Effects: Slightly uplifted, calm, and relaxed; suitable for daytime use 😊🌞

Grand Daddy Purple – Indica Dominant (70/30) πŸ‡πŸ’œ

  • Flavor: Earthy yet sweet taste 🌍🍭
  • Effects: Soothing, relaxing, and calming; fantastic for evening use 😴🌌

Strawnana – Indica Dominant (80/20) πŸ“πŸŒ

  • Flavor: Strong fruity, strawberry, and banana tones πŸ“πŸŒπŸƒ
  • Effects: Uplifted with a strong calming, relaxed feeling; perfect for evening or bedtime use πŸ˜ŒπŸŒ™

Choose the terpene profile that suits your desired effects and experience the benefits of Inspired Life CBD’s Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridges. Elevate your vaping experience with these high-quality options. πŸŒΏπŸ’¨

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