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Hemp Bran - 250g

The name “kołacz” refers to the Old-Polish term of the meal produced with a heavy stone wheel (“kołacz” derives from “koło”, which means wheel) during hemp oil pressing. In this way, two food products are obtained: cold-pressed hemp oil and hemp “kołacz”, which is essentially hemp bran. “Kołacz” was eagerly consumed in various ways mainly due to nutritional values ​​of hemp. With our newest product, not only do we wish to pay tribute to tradition, but also present to you hemp “kołacz” in a new form.


Hemp “kołacz” (hemp bran) is an excellent addition to meals, such as smoothie, yoghurt, fresh and frozen fruit, or cereal. Due to the high content of nutrients, consuming even a small amount of “kołacz” has a positive effect on the functioning of our body. Hemp “kołacz” can also be a healthy substitute for flour when baking cakes, bread, or pizza.


Most important properties of “kołacz” are:

  • very high content of dietary fibre(38,2 g in 100 g), which has a beneficial effect on intestinal motility and is also a natural method for slimmingbecause it causes the feeling of fullness;
  • high content of protein(18,5 g in 100 g), carbohydrates (61,5 g in 100 g), and essential fatty acids;
  • contains the vitamins A, B2, E, and niacin.


“Kołacz” is an organic product and does not contain artificial additives.

Storage conditions: store in a dark and dry place in the temperature below 35 ° C.

Net weight: 250 g