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MCT Coconut Coffee

Cheerful Buddha’s “Fuel” blend combines high quality Rainforest Alliance (RFA) certified 100% arabica Colombian coffee with precision infusedorganic MCT coconut oil.

MCT’smedium length fats are rapidly absorbed by the body providing fast and efficient clean energy to activate your metabolism, a major reason for their popularity with athletes.

The addition of organicCacao, provides one of the richest sources in Polyphenols, naturally occurring antioxidants that are found in foods like fruits and vegetables. 

These ingredients combine with our Colombian Costa to create the smoothest of blends with increased energy and focus.

  • Rainforest Alliance (RFA) Certified luxury arabica ground beans
  • Precision-infused with 1,350mg organic MCT Coconut oil 
  • 1,500mg organic Cacao
  • 100% Natural
  • Suitable for vegans