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CBD Paste

CBD Paste is made by mixing CBD extract with butter or waxes for convenient dosing. Our range of Hemp Oil Pastes come in different strengths andcontain higher levels of its cannabinoid constituents including CBC, CBN and CBG when compared to oil products. If you’re searching for an easy to use CBD product, pastes may be the ideal option for you.

Full spectrum Hemp paste is taken in the same way as oils and tinctures. Users will simply need to push a small amount of the product out of the syringe under their tongue, wait a minute and swallow. For those that struggle with gauging how much CBD to take, CBD Paste can be a handy solution.

More concentrated than most oils and tinctures, Full spectrum CBD paste makes use of the whole plant extract. This means that you’ll benefit from a much wider range of cannabinoids including higher amounts of chlorophyll, fatty acids, amino acids, flavonoids and terpenes. For many, pastes last a lot longer than oil products while still providing relief from pain, inflammation and are useful for treating anxiety too. CBD Paste is fantastic for those that are looking for a raw product that has a high concentration of CBD.

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