CBD Tea & Coffee

Experience the calming comfort of CBD tea & coffee. Inspired Life CBD offers a curated selection of thoughtfully crafted blends. Now you to seamlessly integrate CBD into your favourite warm beverages.

Whether you crave a relaxing chamomile tea before bed or a focus-enhancing morning coffee, we have the perfect CBD option for you. We offer a variety of tea flavours and coffee roasts to suit your taste and wellness goals.

CBD tea and coffee provide a familiar and comforting way to experience the potential benefits of CBD. Each cup is precisely dosed, allowing you to unwind, de-stress, or promote focus throughout your day. The warmth of the beverage further enhances the relaxation experience. And makes it perfect for mindful self-care or unwinding after a long day.

At Inspired Life CBD, we prioritise using only the finest natural ingredients. Our teas are crafted with premium loose-leaf herbs & botanicals, while our coffees are ethically sourced & roasted to perfection.

Most teas should be steeped for 5-7 minutes to fully express cannabinoids and the full flavours found in the tea’s natural ingredients. Time to put the kettle on…



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