Have you heard of the entourage effect?


Entourage effect is a term that has become increasingly popular in discussions around CBD and cannabis. But what exactly is it? And why is it important?

When we consume cannabis, our bodies absorb a wide range of compounds, including cannabinoids and terpenes. These compounds each have their own unique effects and benefits. However, research has shown that when these compounds are combined, they may have an even greater impact on the body than when they are consumed alone. This is known as the entourage effect.

So, why does this happen? It all comes down to how these compounds interact with each other. When they are consumed together, they may have a synergistic effect that enhances their individual benefits.

For example, the combination of CBD and CBG has been found to inhibit the potentially fatal bacterial staph infection, MRSA. Additionally, the pine-scented terpene pinene may help counteract compromised memory caused by THC, while a combination of CBD and the peppery terpene, carophyllene, may be beneficial in the treatment of addiction. CBD and the citrus-scented terpene limonene might work together to alleviate anxiety, while THC plus the cannabinoid CBN can potentially yield enhanced sedating effects.

Studies have also shown that the entourage effect may be beneficial in the treatment of pain. In a 2010 study, patients with cancer pain were given either a pure THC extract or an extract containing near-equal levels of both THC and CBD. Patients given the THC/CBD combo reported having less pain.

It’s clear that the entourage effect has a lot of potential when it comes to the benefits of cannabis. As more research is done in this area, we may uncover even more ways in which these compounds can work together to promote optimal health and wellness.