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Elevate Your Coffee Experience: Introducing Our Natural CBD-Infused Colombian Blend

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Savor the Sublime: Unveiling Our CBD-Infused Colombian Blend

Indulge in the harmonious fusion of nature’s finest with our CBD-Infused Colombian Blend coffee – a sensory journey of pure delight. The art of infusing CBD into coffee effortlessly integrates this wellness-enhancing element into your daily routine. Embrace the gradual metabolism of CBD through coffee, unveiling a robust and enduring effect, all while savoring the incredibly smooth and delicious taste of our brew.

Crafted with Care: A Symphony of Quality and Flavor

πŸƒ Rainforest Alliance Certified Luxury Arabica Beans: A commitment to quality and sustainability.

🌿 100% Natural: Nature’s bounty harmoniously infused into each cup.

🌱 100mg Hemp-Derived CBD in MCT Coconut Oil: Precision-infused at the roast’s pinnacle.

β˜• Unveil Your Focus: Experience heightened alertness, serenity, and focus.

🌱 THC-Free: Enjoy the reassurance of THC-free delight.

Embrace Your Brew: An Experience of Purity

🌈 Vegan-Friendly: A brew for all, crafted with compassion.

🌿 Free from Lactose, Glucose, Chemicals: A blend of nature’s purest.

🌱 NON-GMO: A promise of quality through conscientious sourcing.

🌱 10mg CBD per 10g of Coffee: An effortless daily dose within every cup.

A Symphony of Taste: Convenience Meets Luxury

Discover a milder taste, a unique hallmark of our coffee beans, packed in resealable 100g pouches, preserving their freshness:

🏑 At Home, Office, or Beyond: Savor luxury and convenience wherever you brew.

🌌 A Versatile Indulgence: Revel in americanos, espressos, lattes, and more.

πŸŒ„ A Sip of Tradition: For traditional brewing, we offer guidance:


Add 22g of coffee for every 500ml of water This will deliver 22mg of CBD (approx. 11mg of CBD per cup)


Add 12g of coffee for every 250ml of water This will deliver 12mg of CBD for an average cup


Use 7g of coffee for a single espresso This will deliver 7mg of CBD for each espresso

Elevate Your Sip: Relish Nature’s Blend

Unveil the symphony of taste and wellness within our CBD-Infused Colombian Blend:

πŸŒ„ Morning Magic: Begin your day with a cup of enhanced focus and serenity.

🏞️ Anytime Elegance: Enjoy the luxurious taste and benefits at your leisure.

Experience the fusion of flavor and well-being with our Natural CBD-Infused Colombian Blend – where each sip is a step towards holistic harmony. Redefine your coffee experience today!

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