Chaga Latte

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Cheerful Buddha ‘Chaga Latte’ combines a unique range of powerful superfoods to create a delicious & uplifting instant latte drink that will support your immune system in one simple delicious step. Tailored around one of the most nourishing functional mushrooms in nature – Chaga – this delicious latte drink is a fantastic choice for everyone who wants to support general well-being.

Chaga mushrooms promote the formation of beneficial cytokines, specialised proteins that regulate the immune system by stimulating white blood cells which are essential for fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses.

In addition, this latte drink is enriched with adaptogenic Ashwagandha, vibrant Ginger, and two flavoursome & nutrient-dense superfoods – Cinnamon and Lucuma.

Including coconut milk powder, this delicious latte can be made with hot water or your preferred plant-based drink such as nut, soy or oat for an extra boost of creaminess.

✔ Perfect as a caffeine-free alternative to coffee at any time of the day.

✔ No added sugar.

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