🌟 CBD Golden Hash 🍯 1g – 70% CBD

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Indulge in the ultimate CBD luxury with CBD Golden Hash! This rosin hash boasts a beautiful golden colour, reflecting its purity and top-tier quality. With a soft, malleable texture, this Hash is both fresh and authentic.

Experience the Difference: Expect a robust flavour, smooth texture, and potent dose of CBD (70%) with this wonderful hash. It delivers a deeply relaxing experience, all while adhering to legal standards with THC below 0.2%.

Relaxing Effects: Users consistently report a sense of relaxation after using Golden Hash CBD Hash.

Certified & Legal: Our hemp-derived Hash is non-psychotoxic and THC-free* (under 0.2%), meeting strict EU regulations (EIHA). Unlike marijuana, it offers relaxation without the “high.” Sourced from premium Carmagnola industrial hemp.

Elevate Your CBD Experience: This Hash is a symbol of purity and relaxation in every luxurious bit. Discover the finest nature has to offer with this premium CBD product!

*Under 0.2% THC as required by law.

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