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Choose a Base! (2x Scoops)

  1. Damiana 🌼
    • Known for aphrodisiac properties and stress reduction
    • Offers a pleasant taste and smooth smoke
    • Induces a warm, fuzzy, and mildly euphoric feeling
    • Provides a relaxing experience when smoked
  2. Marshmallow 🌿
    • An excellent tobacco alternative with soothing properties
    • Mild flavor and anti-inflammatory effects
    • Supports digestive health and relieves gastrointestinal irritation
  3. Mullein 🌾
    • Helps bind smoking blends and promotes respiratory and skin health
    • Relieves coughs, soothes inflammation, and offers potential antimicrobial benefits
  4. Mugwort 🌿
    • Versatile herb with a fluffy texture
    • Enhances sleep quality and dream vividness
    • Provides anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving effects
    • Aids digestion and supports menstrual cycle regulation in women

Choose a Support! (1x Scoop)

  1. Raspberry Leaf 🍃
    • Adds astringency and a hint of sweetness to blends
    • Supports reproductive health and regulates menstrual cycles
    • Provides antioxidant protection
  2. Basil 🌱
    • Soothes respiratory issues and reduces inflammation
    • Offers antioxidants for overall health benefits
  3. Lavender 🌸
    • Promotes relaxation and reduces stress
    • Provides a soothing aroma for a calming smoking experience
  4. Skullcap 🧘
    • Provides calming effects, reduces anxiety, and promotes relaxation
    • May help with headaches, insomnia, and has potential anti-inflammatory properties

Choose a Flavour! (Half a Scoop)

  1. Chamomile 🌼
    • Brings soothing effects and promotes relaxation
    • Alleviates stress, anxiety, and aids in better sleep
  2. Peppermint 🌱
    • Offers refreshing and invigorating benefits
    • Provides a cooling sensation and aids digestion
    • Helps relieve headaches or nasal congestion
  3. Spearmint 🍃
    • Provides a refreshing and uplifting experience
    • Pleasant flavor, aids digestion, and may help with stress relief and mental clarity
  4. Rose Petals 🌹
    • Brings a delicate and romantic touch to blends
    • Offers soothing and calming effects
    • Enhances the overall aroma and flavor of the blend

Craft your unique herbal smoking blend for a personalized smoking experience! 🌬️

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