๐ŸŒฟ Katama Kief CBD Hash ๐ŸŒฟ 1g – 40% CBD

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Dive into Relaxation with Katama Kief CBD Hash!

Looking for a powerful and distinct way to experience CBD? Look no further than Get Hemp’s Katama Kief CBD Hash. Renowned for its unique appearance and aroma, this kief (not “pollen”) offers a highly concentrated dose of CBD alongside a captivating sensory experience.

Unveiling Katama Kief’s Distinctive Features:
  • Rich, Dark Colour: Unlike traditional golden trichomes, Katama Kief boasts a visually striking color palette, ranging from light gold to deep brown, and making it a distinctive addition to your CBD routine.
  • Powdery Texture with a Touch of Stick:ย The unique consistency of Katama Kief sets it apart. Its fine, powdery texture offers a surprising hint of stickiness, creating an intriguing sensory experience.
  • Heady Incense Aroma:ย Breathe deep and unwind. Katama Kief’s heady aroma, reminiscent of incense, instantly creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere.
Unleashing the Power of CBD:
  • High CBD Content (40%):ย Experience powerful relief with a potent dose of CBD, perfect for those seeking a more concentrated approach to CBD’s potential benefits.
  • Low THC Content (<0.2%): Rest assured, Katama Kief is non-psychoactive and adheres to legal THC limits.*
  • Focus on Pure CBD: For those seeking a focused CBD experience, Katama Kief prioritises pure CBD content, minimizing the presence of terpenes that contribute to the diverse flavours found in the whole plant.
  • Reported “Super Chill” Effects:ย Based on user experiences, expect deep relaxation with just a small amount of this potent hash.
Quality You Can Trust:

At Get Hemp, we prioritise quality and sustainability. Our Katama Kief, like all our CBD products, is sourced from organic, EU-approved hemp farms, ensuring a product free from harmful chemicals and adhering to the highest quality standards.

Embrace Relaxation, Order Now!

Elevate your CBD experience with Get Hemp’s Katama Kief CBD Hash. Immerse yourself in its unique sensory profile, experience the reported “Super Chill” effects, and trust in the quality of a product crafted for your relaxation. Order yours today and discover a world of potent, pure CBD in a distinctive form!

*Under 0.2% THC as required by law.

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