MOi + ME Moment Cleanse 100mg CBD – 14g


Embark on a Skin Renewal Journey with Moment Cleanse CBD Soap – Enriched with 100mg CBD, Carrot, Cucumber, Aloe, and Lavender Buds


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Elevate Your Skincare Experience: A Symphony of Natural Elegance

Experience the transformative touch of nature’s bounty with Moment Cleanse CBD Soap – a testament to the fusion of purity and wellness. Crafted with care, this soap is a fragrant masterpiece, artfully infused with the essence of carrot, cucumber, aloe, and lavender buds. Our vegan creation promises not only gentle cleansing but also a journey of soothing moisturization, leaving your skin supple and replenished.

Harmonize Your Skin: Nourishment Infused with Nature’s Magic

Our unique blend of ingredients envelops your skin in a symphony of care:

🥕 Carrot: Unveil the skin’s natural radiance, as carrot’s enriching qualities reveal your inner glow.

🥒 Cucumber: Discover a refreshing vitality as cucumber’s embrace revitalizes and soothes your skin.

🌱 Aloe: Experience nature’s nurturing touch, as aloe’s grace moisturizes and calms, leaving a velvety softness.

🌸 Lavender Buds: Immerse yourself in the calming allure of lavender, as its essence graces your senses.

Unlock Your Skin’s Potential: Unveiling CBD’s Transformative Benefits

Indulge in the wellness potential of CBD, as studies have highlighted its multifaceted benefits:

🌿 Pain Relief: Embrace relief as CBD’s potential to ease discomfort becomes an ally on your wellness journey.

🌄 Anxiety Soothing: Find tranquility as CBD gently aids in reducing anxiety and fostering serenity.

🌙 Sleep’s Companion: Rest well with CBD’s potential to alleviate insomnia and encourage peaceful nights.

🌼 Nurturing Relaxation: Let CBD’s soothing touch guide you to moments of deep relaxation.

Nature’s Harmony: Understanding the Essence of CBD

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural compound from the cannabis sativa plant, imparting calm and balance:

🌌 Endocannabinoid Symphony: Discover the body’s own harmony keeper, the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

🧠 CB1 & CB2 Receptors: These receptors orchestrate mood, emotions, pain, and inflammation.

🌱 Balancing Act: CBD steps in to assist the ECS, nurturing equilibrium when our body’s natural cannabinoids fall short.

A Gentle Caution for Your Wellness Journey:

⚠️ External Embrace: Exclusively for external use; avoid direct eye contact.

⚠️ Guardian of Innocence: Keep away from children’s reach, curating a serene space.

⚠️ Cool Sanctuary: Store in a cool, dry haven away from sunlight’s touch, preserving its essence.

Rediscover Your Skin’s Luminosity: Embrace Nature’s Symphony

Let Moment Cleanse CBD Soap grace your self-care ritual:

💫 Cleansing Ritual: Crafted with love, it tenderly purifies and nourishes your skin.

🍃 Revitalizing Elixir: Experience a gentle embrace of renewal as you bathe in its elegance.

🌟 Balancing Act: Allow CBD’s harmony to enhance your skincare journey.

Unveil your skin’s radiant allure with Moment Cleanse CBD Soap – where purity and wellness intertwine, revealing a luminous you. Redefine your skincare experience today!

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