🌿 TAAT 500mg CBD Beyond Tobacco Smoking Sticks! 🚭


🌿 Discover TAAT 500mg CBD Beyond Tobacco Smoking Sticks – Your Path to Quitting Tobacco Cigarettes! 🚭


Additional Information

🌟 Key Features:

  • 🌿 Patented Beyond Tobacco Plant-Based Alternative
  • ❌ ZERO Nicotine and ZERO Tobacco
  • 🔥 Satisfy Smoking Rituals with the Roll, Burn, and Aroma
  • 🍃 Each Stick Contains 25mg CBD (500mg Total per Carton)
  • 💰 Affordable Alternative to Big-Name Brands

🍃 Flavour Options:

  • 🚬 Original: Offers the powerful flavour of a full-flavored cigarette.
  • 🌬️ Smooth: Provides a relaxed, lighter smooth flavour for those who prefer it.

🌱 Ingredients:

  • 💧 TAATs Contain Up to 25 MG CBD Potential per Stick
  • 🚫 Less than 0.2% THC

TAAT Beyond Tobacco Smoking Sticks are your solution to quitting tobacco cigarettes while still satisfying your smoking rituals. Enjoy the familiar sensations with none of the nicotine or tobacco. Experience the roll of the paper, the sound of it burning, and the aroma you love. Say goodbye to the big-name brands and their prices, and embrace a healthier choice with TAAT. 🚭 #TAATSticks #QuitSmoking

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